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Runny nose (rhinitis) - inflammation of the nasal mucosa. It appears that a runny nose - is a harmless condition, but it is not quite true. The mucous membrane of the throat and nose is the main barrier and a filter which protects the human body from the harmful effects of the environment. The appearance of a bad cold triggers changes throughout the body and can serve as an initial step in allergic and chronic diseases of bronchial tubes and lungs.

Symptoms that accompany rhinitis, as well as for any other illness, depend on the causes of the occurrence of the disease and on the phase of its development. Factors that have the appearance of a common cold: the most basic - hypothermia, exposure to all kinds of irritants - thermal, chemical and mechanical - for a long time; irritation of the nasal mucosa purulent allocated in diseases of the paranasal sinuses, long-term disorder of blood circulation in the nasal mucosa.

The appearance of such a variety of rhinitis as chronic atrophic rhinitis, caused by unfavorable climatic characteristics, often repeated acute runny nose, occupational hazards, infections, surgery in a nose. Viral rhinitis occurs due to the fact that the body in an attempt to defeat the virus rejects the mucosal cells and mucus, which contains large amounts of antiviral agents.

5 reasons to wash out a nose:

  1. Do not become a slave to drop depending
    During a cold quality of life is reduced greater than in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and even heart disease. Main symptoms of the common cold is difficulty in breathing, nasal congestion, swelling of the mucous discharge from nose. Nose washing with "Dolphin" allows you to remove mucus and normalize the free breath, has anti-inflammatory effect. Relief occurs immediately after the first wash, the effect persists for several hours. Reduced need for the use vasoconstrictors during the day.
  2. Feel as those who are sick 4 times less
    A study in kindergartens and schools, involving more than 3,500 children showed phenomenal results. Children every day washed noses "Dolphin". As a result, the bacterial indicators of air pollution decreased to 5.8 times, children have become sick 4.3 times less than in establishments that use other methods of prevention. This seemingly simple measure as a regular (1-2 times a day) total nose washing with "Dolphin" allows you to protect the health of children, which directly influences the development of both physical and mental abilities.
  3. Do without surgery nose piercing
    Among the diseases of upper respiratory tract sinusitis occupy the first place. According to statistics, every year in Russia suffer from genyantritis about 10 million people. In 15% of cases the disease becomes chronic. Sinusitis, depending on the course of the disease is treated by operative (puncture) and conservative methods (antibiotics, thinning agentswashing the the nose).Puncture with a special needle thick - quite a painful procedure, used in severe cases when other treatment too late, and pus in the sinuses become very dense and does not depart through the anastomosis. If you start prophylaxis in time to get rid of sinusitis helps complete nose washing with "Dolphin".
  4. When the "frazzle out" this allergy
    During the washing procedure with "Dolphin" allergens (pollen, feathers, dust) are removed from the nasal mucosa. It is proved that after washing with 3.5 times reduced anxiety because of allergy symptoms *: itching, burning, active production of mucus. "Dolphin" for allergies is hypoallergenic composition: contains only natural minerals, without plant components.
  5. If you really care about the child
    Adenoids - a common illness among children, threatening complications such as sinusitis, bronchitis, hearing loss, oxygen deprivation, and as a consequence the deterioration of mental development. Nose washing with "Dolphin" removes the accumulated mucus, reduces swelling of channels increases the local resistance to the mucosa and reduces the risk of colds. Regular washing with "Dolphin" allows you to make a full recovery in more than 50% of cases!
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