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Specialized devices

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  • Additional MASK-electrode for the device "DiaDENS-COSMO"
    Replacement electrical mask for DiaDENS Cosmo. All other mask (moisturizing, nourishing) are on the skin under it. It is used for all skin types. ..
    Replacement electrical mask for ...
    Intended for therapeutic non-invasive (without breaking the skin) course impact on the biologically active zones - dynamic electroneurostimulation in order to correct blood pressure (BP) and the normalization of the general condition of the body. The device is shown to persons over 14 years with&nbs..
    Intended for therapeutic non-inv...
  • Denas Dry Cloth Mask (8 pcs.) for Denas Cosmo
    Cloth of the mask doesn't impregnated. Immediately before the session mask moisturize with 0.5% solution of Karlovy Vary salt sodium. Designed for use with the program "Lymphodrainage." ..
    Cloth of the mask doesn't impreg...
  • Denas Expert
    Hardware-software complex for electropuncture assessment of functional state of the body will help in the selection of products DENAS for each individual. With DENAS expert you can assess the functional state of the body's simple and convenient way. On the basis of measurements complex provides the ..
    Hardware-software complex for el...
  • Denas Moisturizing and Cleansing Mask (Set of 6 pieces) for Denas Cosmo
    Universal and base mask for all programs of DiaDENS Cosmo. Because of aloe extract, included in its composition, it has a moisturizing and cleansing properties and promotes skin cell regeneration. Suitable for all skin types. ..
    Universal and base mask for all ...
  • Denas Nourishing Mask with an extract of swallow nests (Set of 6 pieces) for Deans Cosmo
    Nutritionally-moisturizing complex of swallow nest extract and arbutin acts on all the mechanisms of skin aging: smoothes existing and prevents the formation of new wrinkles, removes unwanted pigmentation, evens the complexion, softens the skin and has a lifting effect. ..
    Nutritionally-moisturizing compl...
  • Denas Nutritional Massk with Caviar of Oceanic Fishes Extracts (Set of 6 Pieces) for Deans Cosmo
    High nutritional value of the mask provided by Caviar Extract of fishes in conjunction with seaweed. Mask stimulates blood circulation in the skin, improves the metabolism of the cells and their purification, normalizes hormonal background of the  skin and sebaceous glands. Caviar activates the..
    High nutritional value of the ma...
  • Denas Ultra Ultraviolet disinfectant to kill germs
    ULTRAVIOLET disinfectant to kill germs Novelty is a directional illuminator that can eliminate germs there, where they are difficult to handle by conventional methods. With the help of a portable UV disinfector DENAS-Ultra you can disinfect any surfaces of various materials: mobile and land..
    ULTRAVIOLET disinfectant to kill...
  • Denas Vertebra 2nd generation
    Specialized device for prevention and treatment of back and spine. Device DENAS-Vertebra is used in the treatment of acute and chronic pain in the back, correction of functional disorders in internal diseases, rehabilitation after diseases, and surgical interventions, to enhance adaptiv..
    Specialized device for ...
  • DiaDENS Cosmo - device for home cosmetology
    Specialised device DENS for cosmetic procedures, which allows to take care of skin. Has two automatic basic program. Used in conjunction with specialized cosmetic masks (moisturizing, nutrition, etc.) Mode "Nutrition": Protection and restoration of skin cells; Intense hydration and absorp..
    Specialised device DENS for cosm...