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The dosimeter - a device for measuring force or effective dose of ionizing radiation over a certain length of time. The measurement procedure is called dosimetry.

Sometimes the "dosimeter" inaccurately referred to another device - radiometer used to measure the activity of the radionuclide in any sample or the source (on the surface, in the amount of liquids, aerosols, gas, etc.) or the flux density of ionizing radiation for the inspection of suspicious objects and measuring the level of radioactivity present in this location. Measurement of the above parameters is called radiometry. There is also a device roentgenometer - a kind of a radiometer to measure the energy of gamma radiation.

Technique of measurement in these devices tend to be quite similar in most devices have switching mode "dosimeter" - "radiometer", a beep sounds and the display is available for conducting measurements. Weight of dosimeter usually approximately 200 - 500 grams, size allows to carrying  dosimeter in a pocket.Some of the current models of dosimeter can be worn on the wrist like a watch. Modern dosimeters consume very little power - uptime dosimeter from several days to several months.

The dosimeters have a measuring range from 10 to 10,000 micro-roentgen per hour (or 0.1 - 100 mSv per hour), the error is about ± 10%. Current models of dosimeters are able to remember the measurements. For example, the dosimeter Soeks can store up to 127 measurements.

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  • Nitrate-tester SOEKS
    Nitrate-tester SOEKS - an indispensable device for those who lead a healthy lifestyle, and trying to eat balanced, adding to the diet a sufficient amount of fruits and vegetables, and wants to be assured that the purchased products will bring only benefit and not harm the body. It is no secret that ..
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  • SMG-2 Professional Radiation Detector Professional Dosimeter Geiger-Counter
    Getting high doses of radiation occurs much more often than we would like. The source of radiation may be usual for us things that we do not perceive as potentially dangerous. Many foods, strange as it seems, furniture and even some precious metals and stones emit elevated background radiation. H..
    Getting high doses of radiation ...
  • Soeks Ecotester  2 in 1 dosimeter and nitrate-tester
    Ecotester SOEKS - the most versatile device for control of environmental safety, combining the capabilities of two devices - the nitrate-tester and dosimeter, while having a small size and excellent price-performance ratio. Ecotester SOEKS used for rapid analysis of the content of nitrates in f..
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  • Soeks Set for environmental control: Ekotester + Impulse. Protecting health from the threat of radiation, nitrates in food and electromagnetic fields.
    Complete protection and control of radiation, electromagnetic fields and nitrates! The ability to buy a set for the environmental control SOEKS Ekotester + Impulse Indicator of electromagnetic fields at a bargain price! The set will give you the most accurate determine the threat, because that mi..
    Complete protection and control ...