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Quartz lamps

Quartz lamps are effective in the prevention and treatment of ENT diseases, infectious diseases, skin diseases, and diseases of the joints, nervous system, strengthen the immune system and pain relief. These are general indications for use quartz lamps. In addition, each model of quartz lamps "specializes" on something else.

Before using quartz lamps you should consult with your doctor. This is due to the fact that tolerance ultraviolet each person individually.

While working with a lamp, always wear safety goggles because UV rays can damage your eyesight.

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  • Quartz lamp OUFK 09 without timer (GZAS of Popov)
    OUFK 09 -1 (without timer) - a device for kvartsevaniya premises, is issued by the Gorky factory communications equipment. This product has no relation to the irradiators "Sun" and is the product of another manufacturer, despite the similarity in the model name. Quartz lamp OUFK 09-1 (without tim..
    OUFK 09 -1 (without timer) - a d...
  • Quartz lamp Sun OUFB 04
    Irradiator OUFb 04 "Sun" is intended for the treatment and prevention of infectious, inflammatory and allergic diseases, as well as for disinfection of air and surfaces of various premises.  Among the diseases for which effective use of ultraviolet irradiator "Sun" OUFb-04 are acute respirat..
    Irradiator OUFb 04 "Sun" is inte...
  • Quartz lamp Sun OUFK 1
    Quartz lamp sun ​​OUFK 01 used to fill failure UV general health of children and adults, the treatment of ENT diseases, infectious diseases, allergic diseases, inflammatory diseases. Quartz treatment OUFK 01 sun lamps used to destroy viruses in rooms, treatment of colds and viral diseases. Qua..
    Quartz lamp sun ​​OUFK 01 used t...
  • Quartz lamp, quartz illuminator OUFK 01 (GZAS of Popov)
    Quartz lamp, quartz illuminator OUFK 01 serves to kvartsevaniya premises (in hospitals and at home), the treatment of ENT diseases (rhinitis, otitis, rhinitis, symptoms of SARS, influenza, etc.). Quartz lamp OUFK 01 comes complete with goggles for the eyes. Kvartsevanie premises OUFK lamp 01 is h..
    Quartz lamp, quartz illuminator ...
  • Ultraviolet bactericide irradiator (quartz lamp) Katun
    Ultraviolet bactericide irradiator- a device designed for human exposure to ultraviolet radiation of certain parameters, which has a positive effect on the body. Furthermore, bactericidal irradiators used for disinfection of air in the room. Bactericides UV irradiators is also often called "quartz l..
    Ultraviolet bactericide irradiat...
  • Ultraviolet irradiator Sun OUFD 01
    Ultraviolet irradiator Sun OUFd 01 (quartz lamp or sun OUFD 01) is a more advanced model of sun lamps OUFK 01. Used to compensate the lack of UV radiation, overall health, the treatment of inflammatory, traumatic, infectious and other diseases. Sun UV irradiator used in the treatment of colds, to..
    Ultraviolet irradiator Sun OUFd ...
  • Ultraviolet lamp "Sun" 03 mini solarium
    OUFK 03 Sun is intended to compensate for the lack of sun in the autumn-winter period, increasing the production of vitamin D, as well as kvartsevaniya premises.  OUFK 03 Sun emits electromagnetic waves in the range 280-400nm. Such radiation is used for treatment and prophylaxis of a wi..
    OUFK 03 Sun is intended to ...
  • Ultraviolet lamp Sun OUFK 05
    In the ultraviolet irradiator OUFK 05 installed two types of lamps: lamps emitting wavelength range of ultraviolet (UVA 320-400 nm) and medium range (UVB 280-320 nm). The share of long-wave radiation in the spectrum lamp is 3/2, the share of medium wave - 03/01. Such radiation helps to prevent ..
    In the ultraviolet irradiator OU...