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Ultraviolet lamps, ultraviolet air purifiers

Ultraviolet lamp - common name ultraviolet irradiator device for disinfection of premises and procedures of physical therapy. Also, this device can be called kvartsevatelem or quartz lamp. All UV lamps are similar in principle effects: they handle the air or the surface of the human body with the help of ultraviolet waves of a given length. In the case of the air treatment, ultraviolet kills pathogenic microbes and bacteria, as in the case of exposure to human body - UV rays have a positive influence on the regeneration of skin metabolism, the immune system. 

UV lamps are used in a wide range of diseases: in therapy in the treatment of viral infections (including influenza), skin diseases; surgery for the treatment of fractures, ulcers, burns, frostbite, festering wounds, bedsores; in dentistry for the treatment of stomatitis, periodontal disease; treatment of ENT diseases: rhinitis, otitis, tonsillitis, etc. UV lamps are effective in the treatment of many diseases of the skin: seborrhea, psoriasis, eczema, acne, boils, etc.

UV lamps can be used for local irradiation using tubes. In diseases of ENT organs, such as sore throat, tonsillitis, sinusitis, otitis media in physiotherapy procedures performed kvartsevaniya using it to ultraviolet light. At local Kvartsevanie is very important to choose the right time of exposure, as in the case of exceeding the optimum time the skin can become dry. 

The use of UV lamps is recommended in the autumn-winter period to compensate for the lack of sun and the prevention of rickets. Lamp helps to give the skin a healthy and fresh look, and a hint of sunburn. It is important to bear in mind that the UV lamps do not cause darkening of the skin, like lamps in tanning salons - in their range of UV radiation is absent, leading to a dramatic darkening of the skin. This is done to protect against the possible development of cancer.

It is important to protect your eyes when working with UV light, it can be done with the help of special glasses or with a cotton swab.

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  • Air cleaner ionizer AIC XJ-2200 with a UV lamp
    Allergic odors, dust microparticles, germs and viruses thing of the past thanks to the effective air purifier AIC XJ-2200! The use of the air-ionizer air AIC XJ-2200 helps eliminate harmful allergens microparticles (and even molds), chemical fumes, as well as many other small particles and harmful ..
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  • Denas Ultra Ultraviolet disinfectant to kill germs
    ULTRAVIOLET disinfectant to kill germs Novelty is a directional illuminator that can eliminate germs there, where they are difficult to handle by conventional methods. With the help of a portable UV disinfector DENAS-Ultra you can disinfect any surfaces of various materials: mobile and land..
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  • Ultraviolet air purifier (ionizer) Atmos
    Ultraviolet air cleaner Atmos needs to kvartsevaniya and air purification at home, at work, in hospitals, in the enterprise, is required for storage, industrial, where a person breathes extremely harmful air. This device eliminates viruses and bacteria due to ultra-violet lamp. Ideal cleans the..
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  • Ultraviolet air purifier Aircomfort GH-2172
    It is a compact and convenient device for air purification. Workflow ultraviolet air purifier Aircomfort GH-2172 is based on the passage of air through the unit, where it is exposed to ultraviolet rays, cleaning it up and get rid of harmful microorganisms that are stuck in the air. With a fan locate..
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  • Ultraviolet air purifier ATMOS
    Ultraviolet air purifier ATMOS differs convenient compact form. Ultraviolet lamp without harm to human effectively destroys all viruses and harmful bacteria at home, in the office, in the premises of medical institutions, industries, stock, even in the home pantry. It is extremely important to maint..
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  • Ultraviolet bactericide irradiator (quartz lamp) Katun
    Ultraviolet bactericide irradiator- a device designed for human exposure to ultraviolet radiation of certain parameters, which has a positive effect on the body. Furthermore, bactericidal irradiators used for disinfection of air in the room. Bactericides UV irradiators is also often called "quartz l..
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  • Ultraviolet irradiator Sun OUFD 01
    Ultraviolet irradiator Sun OUFd 01 (quartz lamp or sun OUFD 01) is a more advanced model of sun lamps OUFK 01. Used to compensate the lack of UV radiation, overall health, the treatment of inflammatory, traumatic, infectious and other diseases. Sun UV irradiator used in the treatment of colds, to..
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  • Ultraviolet lamp "Sun" 03 mini solarium
    OUFK 03 Sun is intended to compensate for the lack of sun in the autumn-winter period, increasing the production of vitamin D, as well as kvartsevaniya premises.  OUFK 03 Sun emits electromagnetic waves in the range 280-400nm. Such radiation is used for treatment and prophylaxis of a wi..
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  • Ultraviolet lamp LONGEVITA UV CURE Eco. Get rid of the bacteria that spread diseases such as influenza, tuberculosis and hepatitis, and even HIV
    UV lamp LONGEVITA UV CURE Eco processing space and eliminates odors with ozone and ultraviolet radiation. This method is completely harmless to humans. But when exposed to bacteria and viruses, ultraviolet lamp LONGEVITA UV CURE Eco completely destroys them, cleans the air, removes odors from the pr..
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  • Ultraviolet lamp LONGEVITA UV CURE mini
    UV lamp LONGEVITA UV CURE mini - germicidal lamp ozonizes an innovation in their work using the latest technology. Relatively recently opened photolytic ozonation technology, which consists of the simultaneous impact on the environment by ultraviolet radiation and ozone. The uniqueness of this metho..
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  • Ultraviolet lamp Sun OUFK 05
    In the ultraviolet irradiator OUFK 05 installed two types of lamps: lamps emitting wavelength range of ultraviolet (UVA 320-400 nm) and medium range (UVB 280-320 nm). The share of long-wave radiation in the spectrum lamp is 3/2, the share of medium wave - 03/01. Such radiation helps to prevent ..
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  • Universa Ultraviolet air cleaner ATMOS
    Headaches and tiredness are most often caused from the pollution of the air we breathe exhaust emissions, urban dust, and production of factories in daily air pollution. The human body becomes vulnerable to colds, viral diseases due to environmental pollution of the urban environment. The main featu..
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