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Water ionizers, activators

Activators of water - specialized devices designed to change the composition of the water saturation and its beneficial properties.
There are different ways to change the structure of water - electrolysis or ionization of silver.

After water activation by means of silver ions, the water takes on the properties of a natural antibiotic and kills harmful germs in your body when it is used.

When exposed to water electrolysis, identifies two types of activated water - living water and dead water. These kinds of water are useful, has antibacterial properties, enhance immunity and improve overall health.

To maintain good health and immunity, there are many methods. But it is worth considering the fact that our body is composed of water almost on 80%, so its is a necessity saturation with clean and healthy water.

In order to maintain health is recommended to drink and take a shower in the water, which is similar in its properties to the biological contained in our body. These properties have water in the springs in the mountains, but since not all available to produce and get it every day, you can use water activator, which artificially transform ordinary water into activated and filled with useful properties.

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  • Air Ozonator GL 3188
    Air Ozonator GL 3188 - a device for disinfection of indoor air, handling products and water, eliminate odors in the room, improve the microclimate, as well as for the treatment of the skin to combat acne and pimples. Unique oxidizing properties of ozone cause its effectiveness in the fight against m..
    Air Ozonator GL 3188 - a device ...
  • Electro Water Ionizer Activator "Living/Dead Water" Ap-1 version 2
    The main distinguishing feature electroactivator AP-1 (version 2) from of AP-1 (type 1)- presence of the first indicator of the saturability water. But, as the second, it is intended for household cooking conditions of two kinds of activated water - alkaline or "live" (catholyte) and ..
    The main distinguishing feature ...
  • Elektroaktivator of water AP-1 version-1
    Elektroaktivator of water AP-1 version-1  Elektroaktivator AP-1 - is a device designed to activate water (turning water into "dead" and "live"). Activator water running from 220V, consumes very little power, capable of 20-30 minutes to cook about 1.5 liters of activated water, which has many..
    Elektroaktivator of water AP-1 v...
  • Silver Ionizer Nevoton IC-112
    Silver Ionizer Nevoton IC-112 Active silver ions are able to make water helpful and very tasty. Silver ions kill 650 kinds of harmful microorganisms, making even the tap water safe for consumption. Daily intake of a "silver" water enhances immunity and improves your quality of life. Prepare water..
    Silver Ionizer Nevoton IC-112 ...
  • Spare buffles for water activator IVA-1, PTV
    You buying 1 pack of Spare Baffles for Water Ionizer Activator "Living/Dead Water" Device PTV-A (Iva-1). 1 pack contains 10 pieces. Each baffle for 1-1,5 months of use.   Note: When you making order, specify when you buy your ionizer and what baffles were you have in the kit, now pro..
    You buying 1 pack of Spare Baffl...
  • Spare ceramic cup for Ap-1 (all models)
    Ceramic glass of AP-1 is made by technology of ceramic tableware, is part of electroactivator AP1 any modification and comes: as a spare ceramic glass ap-1; when the glass broke, which went up in the kit activator-1; due to a technical inability to use the old ceramic glass ap-1 (activat..
    Ceramic glass of AP-1 is made by...
  • Water activator (elektroaktivator) AP-1 version 3
    Household water activator (elektroaktivator) AP-1 version 3 - a lightweight, compact device that allows everyone at home just in 10 minutes to get about 2 liters of activated (with a negative ORP "live" ionized and "dead") of water. Electrical appliance safe certified. Power consumption - 70 watts.&..
    Household water activator (elekt...
  • Water activator IVA-1 with timer
    IVA-1 is a high quality device for the preparation of live and dead water (catholyte and anolyte) Russian production. Preparation of "live" and "dead" water can be implemented not only in Russian fairy tales, or specialized laboratories, but also in your own kitchen. Activator water IVA-1 ..
    IVA-1 is a high quality dev...
  • Water activator IVA-2 Silver with digital timer
    Water-activator IVA-2 Silver with silvering - a novelty on the market. Iva-2 Silver has 3 functions: preparation of live, dead water + silvering of water. You can cook silver water like normal drinking, and very concentrated with a high content of silver molecules. Rod from sterlin..
    Water-activator IVA-2 Silve...
  • Water activator IVA-2 with digital timer
    Activator of water IvA-2 for preparation of live and dead water has a distinct advantage - digital timer. This distinguishes the model of "Iva-2" from the previous model "Iva-1." Now you can use the activator of water quickly and easily! Also, an additional function is a notification beep th..
    Activator of water IvA-2 for pre...
  • Water activator Melesta
    Nowadays it is difficult to protect yourself from the many diseases that sometimes become epidemic. How many times a year, each of us is sick flu or other infectious diseases? Relaxed sedentary body immunity average person only provokes a sad scenario. However, there are many preventive measures tha..
    Nowadays it is difficult to prot...
  • Water Ionizer Activator Purification From Harmful Microorganisms
    Drinking water, untrained (cleaning), is the source of most of our ailments and diseases, including cancer and virus diseases. Water at the cellular level ABSOLUTELY involved in all processes occurring in the human body, but, being in us, have unique properties to get rid of excess impurities c..
    Drinking water, untrained (clean...