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Magnetotherapy devices

Magnetic therapy - a method based on the effects on the human body by magnetic fields with curative purposes. The magnetic field has a versatile therapeutic effect and can be used in a huge number of diseases. Currently, there are various areas of therapeutic effects of magnetotherapy on the human body. Magnetic field can improve blood circulation and condition of blood vessels, restore normal polarity of cells to activate the work of enzyme systems.
Modern development of the medical industry, has created a simple and reliable apparatus for influencing the magnetic fields. For example, this magnetic therapy devices ALMAG, Mag-30 Mavit, Feya UTL-01, which you can buy in our store.

We do not send the device of Elamed to the United States and Canada 

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  • ALMAG-01
    ALMAG-01 Huge numbers of people in the world today suffer from diseases of the musculoskeletal system, cardiovascular system, respiratory system and many others. Seemingly incurable diseases, which significantly impair quality of life and significantly reduce its duration, yesterday it was imposs..
    ALMAG-01 Huge numbers of peop...
  • Diamag (Almag 03)
    Diamag (ALMAG-03) - device for the treatment of pulsed magnetic field. Indications for use: The traumas of cerebrovascular accident; Transient ischemic attack (at all stages of ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke); Chronic cerebral ischemia; Migraine (hemicrania), migraine neuralgia; Os..
    Diamag (ALMAG-03) - device for t...
  • Feya UTL-01- treatmenf of runny nose (rhinitis), genyantritis, sinusitis, etc.
    Device Feya (UTL-01) for heating of maxillary sinuses, frontal sinuses and larynx at inpatient, outpatient, and home recommended by doctor. Due to direct heat transfer increases metabolism in the nasopharynx; reflexively dilate blood vessels, which helps restore blood circulation and accelerate the ..
    Device Feya (UTL-01) for heating...
  • MAG-30 magnetic therapy device
    Designed to provide therapeutic effects on the human variable inhomogeneous magnetic field. Device MAG-30 applied  in health facilities and at home. Under the influence low frequency magnetic field device MAG-30 was well tolerated in debilitated patients, elderly patients suffering from concomi..
    Designed to provide therapeutic ...
  • Mavit ULP-01 treatment of prostate diseases
    Device for the treatment of prostate diseases Mavit ULP-01 cures prostatitis, including on a background of benign prostatic hyperplasia (adenoma). Provides a complex effect on the prostate gland heat pulse magnetic field, vibration massage. It is used in inpatient, outpatient, and also (with the adv..
    Device for the treatment of pros...
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