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Massagers - are devices that are designed for different types of massage. As a rule, not everyone can afford regular visits to a professional masseur, and modern electric massagers meet all the needs of consumers and can be used at home. Buy massager will be useful for facial skin care, anti-cellulite or carrying out a relaxing massage.

Massagers classified in many ways, they are usually divided on massagers for face, universal massagers and massagers for feet. Massagers for face designed to cleanse the skin, lifting, improve the complexion. Universal massagers are designed for full body massage, and usually equipped with multiple nozzles for different types of massage.

Modern massager often have a number of additional factors of influence. For example, there are infrared massagers, which, in addition to the mechanical action on the skin, act on it with infrared radiation.

Vacuum massagers are able to stimulate blood flow to the area of influence, improve lymph flow and removal of toxins and excess fluid from the body, so often they are used for the treatment of cellulite and obesity, as well as to relieve muscle fatigue and stress.

To massager also can be attributed special devices - Miostimulators that have an impact on muscles of the body by means of electrical pulses. Under the influence of the pulse muscles contract, blood circulation improves and accelerates the breakdown of fat in the area of influence.

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  • Miogel for dry and normal skin. Moisturizing
    Cosmetic moisturizing gel for dry skin volume of 100 ml. Hyaluronic acid is a unique natural moisturizer. One molecule of hyaluronic acid retains in the skin several tens of water molecules. The skin becomes velvety soft and smooth. Aloe Vera juice makes the skin soft and supp..
    Cosmetic moisturizing gel for dr...
  • Miogel for mature skin improves muscle tone and tighten the skin
    Beauty hydrogenation gel for mature skin, for use with miostimulyators and other devices. The volume of 100 ml. Miogel for mature skin improves muscle tone and tighten the skin. Vitamin C, which is part of, strengthens blood vessels, promotes the resorption of hematoma, reduces swell..
    Beauty hydrogenation gel for mat...
  • Miogel for oily skin.  Moisturizing. Normalizes natural mechanisms of skin cleansing
    Cosmetic moisturizing gel for oily skin. The volume of 100 ml. Miogel for oily skin reduces the greasiness of the skin, improves skin tone and cleanse the skin and gives it a healthy, smooth and well-groomed appearance. The drug of sulfur that is part of miogel, inhibits the growth of microo..
    Cosmetic moisturizing gel for oi...