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Anti-cellulite massagers

Anti-cellulite massager - a device that effectively treats cellulite and stretch marks, such as formation called "orange peel". In order to get rid of cellulite requires a qualitative and deep massage performed by hand is not as effective and time-consuming. Now there is a simple and yet reliable way to get rid of cellulite - anticellulite massager. With the help of these massagers you can carry out the procedure themselves.

There are several types of anti-cellulite massagers: mechanical and electrical. Mechanical massagers consist of special plastic or wooden beads, they are often made with spikes, this massage is done entirely by hand by rolling massager on problem areas. The price of a mechanical anti-cellulite massager is low, but the efficiency is poor. Electric anti-cellulite massagers work from the network and much more effective fight against cellulite.

Anti-cellulite massagers from the network are working through various techniques - vibration, vacuum, infrared radiation. Such devices allow for anti-cellulite massage at home almost at a professional level, despite the fact that the price of the device is usually less than the cost of the course in massage salon.

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  • Anti-cellulite gel with badyaga and laminaria
    Gel anti-cellulite "Badyaga plus Laminaria" - a modern tool for skin care based on extracts of laminaria and badyaga. Gel can be used in combination with any anti-cellulite massagers and hand massage for correction of body contours and improve skin tone and to get rid of cellulite. Under the influen..
    Gel anti-cellulite "Badyaga plus...
  • Anti-cellulite Massager "Body Sculptor"  (Gezatone AMG 114)
    Body Sculptor - anticellulite vibratory massager, effective way to combat cellulite, puffiness, sagging skin. Vibration massager works on the deeper layers of the skin and helps to burn body fat, improves blood circulation and lymph flow, tissue metabolism, relieve muscle fatigue. Body Sculp..
    Body Sculptor - anticelluli...
  • Anti-cellulite massager "Body Shaper" (Gezatone AMG 120)
    Anti-Cellulite massager Body Shaper (Gezatone AMG120) - a modern device designed to massage the problem areas of the body. Massager have 4 nozzle and combines vibration exposure to infra-red warming, which enhances the effect of the massage in several times. Body Shaper AMG120 allo..
    Anti-Cellulite massager Body Sha...
  • Anti-cellulite massager Gezatone Cellushock Ultra AMG112
    Anti-cellulite massager Gezatone Cellushock Ultra AMG112 will help you to get rid of cellulite quickly and effectively, without extra effort. Massager is considering deep problem areas with a special rotating nozzle, activates blood circulation, improves cell nutrition, removes stagnant lymph, smoot..
    Anti-cellulite massager Gezatone...
  • Anti-cellulite Massager Gezatone M380 Cellusage
    Gezatone M380 Cellusage was created specifically to combat the "orange peel", strengthen the muscles of the body, improve skin, lymphatic drainage and toning massage. The technique of "three-in-one" improves the efficiency of the impact in several times and reduce the time required for the proc..
    Gezatone M380 Cellusage was crea...
  • Anti-Cellulite massager Gezatone Vacu Beauty
    Massager have Anti-cellulite features, will save you from swelling, toning all areas of the body. This device is very easy to use at home. Set of different nozzles of Gezatone VACU Beauty extends the functionality of a masseur, you can work separately with the nozzle for face, with a ..
    Massager have Anti-cellulite fea...
  • Anti-cellulite Massager Vacu Shape GESS 316
    Massager Vacu Shape GESS 316 - compact anticellulite and lifting massager, which helps to cope with the problems of the skin, face and body. Suitable for massage, eliminate stretch marks and fat. Also vacuum massager Vacu Shape cope with decreasing facial wrinkles. Indications for use: ..
    Massager Vacu Shape GESS 316 - c...
  • Anti-cellulite Vacuum Massager Gezatone Vacu Pro
    Vacuum massager Gezatone Vacu Pro - a unique anti-cellulite and lymphatic drainage massager. Small, lightweight and compact! The best gift for women of all ages. Designed to fight with "Orange peel", body fat, edema, as well as just to improve the overall tone and appearance of the skin. Standa..
    Vacuum massager Gezatone Va...
  • Myostimulator Slendertone SYSTEM ABS FEMALE (for women)
      Myostimulator Slendertone SYSTEM ABS FEMALE - modern digital myostimulator with seven built-in programs, 100 levels of intensity, high power and remote control, LCD display and built-in rechargeable battery. Abdomen and waist, without a doubt, one of the most problematic areas of t..
      Myostimulator Sle...