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Ultrasound massagers

Ultrasound massager - a device used to massage different parts of the body and face with ultrasound. Frequency used in ultrasound massager, not audible to man, as above 16 kHz. Depending on the frequency of dosing and ultrasound radiation can be treated the problem areas of skin, bumps, acne, ultrasound massager also help get rid of cellulite, scars and other defects.

Under the influence of small doses of ultrasound can be performed preventive massage, firming skin, improves the complexion and smoothing irregularities. Thanks to this "light" ultrasound massage the skin actively regenerated. Also ultrasound massagers are often used to treat pain and pain in the joints, such as neuralgia, pain in the back, legs and arms.

In physical therapy is also widely used method of ultraphonophoresis - administration of drugs or cosmetic products into the skin, which combines the influence of two factors: physical (ultrasound) and chemical (cosmetic preparation). Under the influence of ultrasound treatment ingredients penetrate deep into the epidermis and provide nutrition and hydration of the skin.

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  • Anti-cellulite Massager Gezatone M380 Cellusage
    Gezatone M380 Cellusage was created specifically to combat the "orange peel", strengthen the muscles of the body, improve skin, lymphatic drainage and toning massage. The technique of "three-in-one" improves the efficiency of the impact in several times and reduce the time required for the proc..
    Gezatone M380 Cellusage was crea...
  • Gezatone BioSonic 2000 (Kus 2K, Kus 2000)
    Gezatone BioSonic 2000 (Kus 2K, Kus 2000) - device for face cleaning, fighting with black dots, spots, acne, as well as toning the skin and regenerate its cells. Device works on the skin by ultrasound, which is the most gentle and safe method of cleansing the skin. Advantages: Ultrasound ma..
    Gezatone BioSonic 2000 (Kus 2K, ...
  • Miogel for dry and normal skin. Moisturizing
    Cosmetic moisturizing gel for dry skin volume of 100 ml. Hyaluronic acid is a unique natural moisturizer. One molecule of hyaluronic acid retains in the skin several tens of water molecules. The skin becomes velvety soft and smooth. Aloe Vera juice makes the skin soft and supp..
    Cosmetic moisturizing gel for dr...
  • Miogel for mature skin improves muscle tone and tighten the skin
    Beauty hydrogenation gel for mature skin, for use with miostimulyators and other devices. The volume of 100 ml. Miogel for mature skin improves muscle tone and tighten the skin. Vitamin C, which is part of, strengthens blood vessels, promotes the resorption of hematoma, reduces swell..
    Beauty hydrogenation gel for mat...
  • Miogel for oily skin.  Moisturizing. Normalizes natural mechanisms of skin cleansing
    Cosmetic moisturizing gel for oily skin. The volume of 100 ml. Miogel for oily skin reduces the greasiness of the skin, improves skin tone and cleanse the skin and gives it a healthy, smooth and well-groomed appearance. The drug of sulfur that is part of miogel, inhibits the growth of microo..
    Cosmetic moisturizing gel for oi...
  • Ultrasound massager uSonic GESS 626
    Massager uSonic GESS 626 - is a versatile device for improving the skin of the face with age problems, as well as it helps to prevent and treat skin problems at any age. Micro-massage by massager uSonic stimulates work of cells which causes a lifting effect without a trip to the beautician. ..
    Massager uSonic GESS 626 - is a ...