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Company Scholl Manufacturing Co Inc was founded in 1907. Dr. William Mathias Scholl, who is also the founder of the company, was looking for a variety of solutions to improve the health of the whole body through the treatment of the feet. Then these decisions reborn as a unique invention. He believed that human feet are the foundation of the body, so you must take care of them. In a little over 100 years from the founding of the company, Scholl team continues to explore how health of the feet effect on overall health. 

Remedys for foot care Scholl meet all safety requirements and comply with European standards. Manufacturer Scholl, worrying about improving the quality of their products, conducting clinical trials, during which examines characteristics of products. Generally, manufacturers of cosmetic products are usually carried out consumer tests.

In development and production of products Scholl participate specialists in the field of foot care. Tests have confirmed that many of the items from the Scholl range of products suitable for people with sensitive skin and for people with diabetes (on product packaging Scholl has a special symbol indicating that the product is suitable for people with diabetes).

Brand Scholl in more than 70 countries known for its products for the feet. Brand Scholl - a high quality, obtained through the company's cooperation with medical institutions and specialists in the field of orthopedics. The range of the brand Scholl is constantly expanding with new unique tools for health and beauty of the feet.

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  • Nozzles for roller sawing Scholl (2 in kit)
    Discover natural beauty of your feet with electric roller sawing "Velvet Smooth" from Scholl. Electric sawing gently removes rough skin and makes your feet perfectly smooth. You no longer need to steam ypur feet. Just treat rough skin by rotating roller and you'll see how easily and quickly it disap..
    Discover natural beauty of your ...
  • SCHOLL Cream for feet for intensive skin moisturizing, 75 ml,
    Scholl cream increases degree of skin hydration on 80%. With urea (carbamide) for natural skin hydration. With allantoin for calming and dry skin softening. Product is dermatologically tested. Application: Apply cream on skin and massage until completely absorbed. For best results, applycati..
    Scholl cream increases degree of...
  • Scholl Daily Nourishing Foot Cream Velvet Smooth 60ml
    Daily Nourishing Foot Cream Scholl Velvet Smooth. With vitamins A and E, Omega-6. What are the peculiarities of day nourishing cream Velvet Smooth? Cream moisturizes, absorbs quickly and leaves no greasy shine. Due to the unique complex, skin of the feet remains moisturized all da..
    Daily Nourishing Foot Cream Scho...
  • Scholl Foot Scrub for dry skin, 75 ml
    Effectively removes rough dry skin. With natural Penza and fruit alpha - oxyacids. Activates cell regeneration.  How to use: Apply to clean skin on the feet. Rub the scrub in a circular motion into the skin of the feet, then rinse with water. ​To achieve best result..
    Effectively removes rough dry sk...
  • Scholl Nourishing Cream for feet and nails Protects skin from drying and prevents the formation of cracks.
    Nourishing Cream Scholl for feet and nail protects the skin from drying out and prevents cracking. With provitamin B5, and allantoin to nourish the skin and nails. Suitable for sensitive skin. The product is dermatologically tested. Application: Apply cream morning and evening on a clean..
    Nourishing Cream Scholl for feet...
  • SCHOLL Odour Control Deodorizing insoles for shoes
    Insoles completely eliminate and prevent unpleasant odors. Instantly activate the long-term protection of feet and footwear. Insoles made from durable material, which allows them to provide comfort and protection for a long time. Active odor neutralizer fights with unpleasant smell..
    Insoles completely eliminate and...
  • Scholl Regenerating Cream for cracked skin of Heels Active Repair K+ 60ml
    Regenerating Cream for cracked skin of Heels Active Repair K + promotes active natural regeneration of rough, dry, cracked skin on the heels. Natural keratin, obtained by technology Active Repair K +, greatly speeds up the healing of fractures. First result is already visible after 3 days ..
    Regenerating Cream for cracked s...