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Peptides (from the Greek. Πεπτος - Nourishing) - a molecule of protein components, no larger than 1 nm. They consist of amino acids connected by peptide bond in the chain. Each organ of our body has its peptides - the brain, heart, liver, lungs, and so on. It is peptides proteins are the building blocks of the body. Role of peptides is to regulate physiological processes and quickly correct faults arising.

Peptides are synthesized continuously in the cells of our body. Their properties are unique. As part of the DNA, peptides carry all the necessary information, help cells recover and monitor the correct operation of every cell in the body. Moreover, the peptides are not only able to treat the cells, but updating them to extend their lives, that is, in fact, rejuvenates the body on a cellular level.

Peptides render several types of impact:

  • They are able to initiate cell rejuvenation and their recovery, make a quick conclusion of products decomposition from the body, thus increasing their life expectancy.
  • Peptide complexes helps the body to resist the negative impact of adverse environmental conditions, they also compensate harm from the existing bad habits.
  • Peptides significantly accelerate rehabilitation after human diseases and injuries.

Precisely those features of the peptides was forced to talk about them all over the world.
Healing power inherent in the human body, and he is obliged to work as a self-healing system - due peptides. Thanks to this ability, people should not live 60-70 years, and up to 120, and more!

Medicines that treat us the official medicine are inorganic (non-living) substances. The human body is not able to create them from living cells. The mission of most drugs - the destruction, blocking non-specific, abnormal proteins that any organ began to synthesize.

In fact, the medicine just fighting with the consequence giving the body a reprieve and a chance to improve themselves. But if the human body is too struck by a disease or weakened by old age, then conventional medicine becomes powerless.

Peptides, getting into the body, immediately begin their work, replacing the damaged chains of amino acids, restoring cells. Reconstitute each cell peptides make it work properly, resulting in the body is restored from the inside, due to the normalization of work on a cellular level.

Advantages of peptides to the usual drugs are obvious:

  • Peptides remove primary source of the disease rather than its symptoms, working on a cellular level;
  • Peptides are universal because they are non-specific, the same in any organism, so the treatment by them never provoke allergic reactions and side effects;
  • Effectiveness of the peptides and their beneficial impact proved by thirty years of application in medical practice;
  • Mechanism of action of peptide drugs scientifically based by Russian and Foreign authoritative scientists, the effect of peptides from a scientific point of view is absolutely logical.
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