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The composition of clay includes all necessary for skin minerals and trace elements, thereby mask from clay work from all areas of cosmetic - they are nourish, and moisturize, and tone and tighten. In addition, there are no bacteria, so it has won well-deserved fame of antiseptic.

Masks from clay are especially useful for oily skin because adsorb excess oil and dirt that collects on the surface and make the skin more clean and fresh. It is an effective tool for narrowing extended pores, removes excess shine, reduces inflammation and pimples. Clay replaces peeling, as well exfoliates dead skin cells, and at the same time gives the skin minerals.

Clay can be different colors, and each of them is aimed at solving problems with their skin. Medicinal properties of clay and color depend on its mineral composition.


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  • Blue Clay- gel with badyaga for face and body 250ml
    The consistency of the gel is the gray mass. Easy to apply and spread over the skin. Smells nice. The gel dries quickly on the skin and is easily washed off. Ingredients: water, blue clay, badyaga, Aristofleks, Perfume, preservative. Blue clay - it is an excellent disinfectant and anti-in..
    The consistency of the gel is th...
  • Wonder Clay. Black 100g
    Wonder clay - is the original clay with fine structure that different from others, used in cosmetology, analogues by increased content of gidrotroillita, giving to it dark color and considered the main useful component used in cosmetics clays. Subtle granulometric composition of Wonder clay ..
    Wonder clay - is the original cl...
  • Wonder Clay. Blue 100g
    Blue clay - is the original natural product with remarkable cleansing, absorbent, anti-inflammatory, protective, regenerating and biostimulation effect. Blue clay has a beneficial cosmetic effect on the skin, nails and hair. Blue clay stimulates cell renewal, thereby contributing to long prese..
    Blue clay - is the original natu...
  • Wonder Clay. Pink 100g
    Pink clay- natural products, rich in iron and potassium. It improves blood circulation and nutrition of the skin with oxygen. Pink clay have especially beneficial effect on the sluggish and dull skin, giving it a vitality, a sense of freshness, removes toxins. Reduces excessive sweating, which we..
    Pink clay- natural products, ric...
  • Wonder Clay. White 100g
    White or porcelain clay (kaolin) is rich in silica, zinc, magnesium, full of useful minerals. White clay is especially useful for thin and devoid of minerals skin. White clay has a regenerating effect on the skin cells, softens and removes dead skin layers and removes peeling. White clay ..
    White or porcelain clay (kaolin)...