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So you want to be slim and attractive! In the process of weight loss it is very important not to harm to your health, to achieve desired results and fix it. We present a scientific approach to weight loss. You must first prepare the body, cleanse it from toxins and metabolic products, to provide the necessary vitamins and trace elements. Only then can actively reduce weight. Then it is important to fix the result and keep in shape in the future. Leovit represents a combination of basic and supplementary food recommended to ensure "a healthy diet".

Step 1 - Body detoxification:

In accordance with the recommendations of the experts, the process of weight loss should be preceded by purification of the body to accelerate the elimination of toxic substances and waste products. This phase out of 7 days (5 days for food program "Body detoxification" and 2 days protein-vegetable diet) will stimulate your metabolism and start the process of weight loss. If for the body purification one week was not enough, repeat this step again.

Step 2 - Weight Loss:

Second step is the active weight loss using:

  • Active functional components
  • Balanced low-calorie food
  • Active functional components of the "fat burning", "cleaning" systems
  • Formation of correct eating habits, control of appetite and reduce cravings for sweets
  • Regulation of digestion and detoxification processes (neutralization and excretion of toxic products of metabolism)
  • Correction of metabolism

Step 3 - Stabilizing of weight:

In order to secure made on phase 2 results and stabilize your weight, it is advisable to go to step 3. Duration of the stage is 1-3 months.

It is important to remember about the physical load. This will help to improve and consolidate the results obtained by using the system for weight loss "Lose Weight in a Week".