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Cytamins - are products for people who care about their health and appearance.

Preservation of health and maximizing human lifespan in today's environment is the most important task of medical science, because biological resource of the human body is designed for life for 110-120 years. Unfortunately, the adverse factors shorten life on 30-45 years, with the result that the average life expectancy is 70-75 years, and a third of the whole life gets lost.

As a result of years of research by our scientists (Military Medical Academy, Institute of Bioregulation and Gerontology, RAMS), based on the theory of the peptide bioregulation have developed a new class of assets - Cytamins® containing regulatory peptides.

Bioregulation - scientific field that studies the molecular and cellular mechanisms that govern homeostasis for restoring the physiological functions of the body, allow the successful prevention and treatment of various diseases through the use of complexes of organo-specific protein structures.

Peptides - are substances that regulate intracellular processes and ensure the normal operation of organs and tissues. At its core peptides are proteinaceous compound of several amino acids. All peptides have their specialization, ie for each organ is suitable only their specific peptide: for the heart - peptides heart, liver - liver peptides, etc.

Lack of peptides (with age or as a result of negative factors) accelerates wear tissue the aging process and the development of diseases.

Cytamins- a peptide bioregulators of natural origin, which normalize and support the work of human organs and systems, increase the body's resistance to adverse factors, which helps maintain the health, beauty and activity for many years.

Cytamins on the unique production technology extracted from organs and tissues of healthy animals and are complexes of proteins (peptides) and nucleic acids, including physiological concentrations of minerals, trace elements and vitamins in easily digestible form.

Cytamins applies for:

  • Provide protection and proper functioning of tissues and organs.
  • Provide high efficiency at high loads (including sports).
  • Support the body with malnutrition, the use of diets, including those aimed at reducing body weight.
  • Prevention of diseases and their complications.
  • Accelerate rehabilitation after illness, injuries and surgeries.
  • Increase the body's resistance when exposed to adverse factors: environmental, climatic, professional stress.

Adavantages of Cytamins:

  • Peptides are naturally occurring naturally restore the normal functioning of cells.
  • Addressable act upon the appropriate body and have no side effects.
  • Do not replace the function of organs, and help to normalize and extend their work.
  • Contain trace elements and vitamins for optimal cell concentrations.
  • Compatible with any nutritional and medicinal substances.
  • Contain no preservatives, colorings or flavorings.
  • Effectiveness is confirmed in more than 10 years of experience in the application.
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