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  • ALERANA Mask for all hair types intensive nutrition 150ml
    Mask for all hair types ALERANA Mission: ALERANA Mask is specially designed to enhance, stimulate growth and improve the weak, prone to loss hairs. Advantages: Innovative composition Individual packaging: maximum protection of existing components Impact of masks in two direc..
    Mask for all hair types ALERANA ...
  • Concentrate with extract of burdock root 150ml
    Effective tool for quick hair care. It nourishes and strengthens hairs along the entire length. Eliminates dandruff, dry and brittle of the hairs; It gives to hairs lively shine and volume. Suitable for all hair types. Effect of influence of the concentrate appears after first application! Ind..
    Effective tool for quick hair ca...
  • Mesotel for Scalp 50ml
    Action: stimulates hair growth prevents the premature graying and hair loss. prevents dandruff strengthens the hair follicles increases the elasticity of the hair improves the condition of the scalp How to use: Apply 2-3 ml of mesotel on the scalp and rub with massage move..
    Action: stimulates hair gr...
  • Spa-Line Cream Mask for hair with peptides 160ml
    Cream Mask penetrates deeply into the hair structure and restores its damaged layer. Activates the metabolism in the scalp, improves blood flow to the hair roots, improves the condition of the hair follicles, stimulates metabolism in the roots, stimulates blood flow to the cells of the scalp. Keep y..
    Cream Mask penetrates deeply int...
  • Wonder Clay. Blue 100g
    Blue clay - is the original natural product with remarkable cleansing, absorbent, anti-inflammatory, protective, regenerating and biostimulation effect. Blue clay has a beneficial cosmetic effect on the skin, nails and hair. Blue clay stimulates cell renewal, thereby contributing to long prese..
    Blue clay - is the original natu...
  • Wonder Clay. Pink 100g
    Pink clay- natural products, rich in iron and potassium. It improves blood circulation and nutrition of the skin with oxygen. Pink clay have especially beneficial effect on the sluggish and dull skin, giving it a vitality, a sense of freshness, removes toxins. Reduces excessive sweating, which we..
    Pink clay- natural products, ric...
  • Wonder Clay. White 100g
    White or porcelain clay (kaolin) is rich in silica, zinc, magnesium, full of useful minerals. White clay is especially useful for thin and devoid of minerals skin. White clay has a regenerating effect on the skin cells, softens and removes dead skin layers and removes peeling. White clay ..
    White or porcelain clay (kaolin)...