Snow grips for shoes

In winter, the main cause of injury is falling. Falling on the ice may cause serious injury (bruises, fractures, concussion). It is especially dangerous for the elderly cause with age the bones become weaker, and the probability of fracture when falling increases.
Ice drifts for shoes - a simple and effective way to protect yourself from falling on icy. Ice drifts are special "sole" of rubber spikes, which is put on top of the shoes. 
Today we are pleased to offer our customers with improved ice drifts spikes of hardened steel! Choosing hardened steel Ice drifts now is easily to distinguished red-hot spikes from other. Spikes of hardened steel is black. If you are holding the ice drifts with black spikes of hardened steel, no doubt - it's a quality ice drifts, which have an increased lifetime!

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  • Ice & Snow Grips Over Shoe/Boot Traction Cleat Rubber Spikes Anti Slip 7 spikes of hardened steel Slip-on Stretch Footwear
    These Ice drifts fro shoes produced in St. Petersburg and have a number of unique advantages over other models of Ice drifts fro shoes. Ice drifts will protect you from falling in the ice, because spikes are not only in the front part of the sole, but also under the heel. Spikes are black (mad..
    These Ice drifts fro shoes produ...
  • Ice drifts for shoes with 5 hardening steel spikes
    Ice drifts with hardened spikes - NEW Moel! Ice drifts produced in St. Petersburg, subjected to rigorous control at all stages of the production process. Ice drifts with hardened spikes like most models of ice drifts are made of rubber and have a shape follows the contours of the foot. In ot..
    Ice drifts with hardened spikes ...
  • Ice drifts for shoes with 5 spikes
    Ice drifts for shoes- the actual response of modern man on slippery winter weather and ice! The use of ice drifts is a convenient form of protection against injury on icy surfaces. Ice drifts increase the stability of human walking on ice due to the special spikes, located on the sole of ice drifts...
    Ice drifts for shoes- the actual...
  • Ice drifts for shoes with 6 spikes winter horseshoe
    Ice drifts Winter horseshoe will save you from falling on the ice! Ice drifts represent a removable sole with spikes, which is dressing up on the shoes. Ice drifts are made of high quality rubber with tread. While winter time when ice, the first thing which is necessary to take car..
    Ice drifts Winter horseshoe...