Air Ionizers, ozonators, humidifiers

Air Ionizer - device for cleaning indoor air from dust, germs and bacteria, tobacco smoke and other odors, and simultaneous saturation of air air ions. Ions - negatively charged particles - make full assimilation by the body of oxygen, so our body gets nutritionin in the right amount.

Ionizer has antibacterial, antiallergen effect due to the removal of the inhaled air of dust particles, plant pollen, bacteria and viruses, as well as relieves stress, fatigue, increases efficiency due to saturation of air ions and increase the digestibility of oxygen by the body.

Air Ionizer usually is a compact device that can be installed in the office, workplace, and in the apartment or house. Some models of ionizers are specially designed for installation inside the vehicle, such as an ionizer Super Plus Ion Auto.

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  • Air Ozonator "Ecozon" OzM 500 series "OZONER"
    Air Ozonator "Ecozon" OzM 500 series "OZONER" - a device for purifying air, food and water with the help of ionization and ozone exposure. Unlike air conditioners, which are only ventilated area and clean it from all substances - harmful and beneficial, ozone ionizer ECOZON only eliminates harmful s..
    Air Ozonator "Ecozon" OzM 500 se...
  • Air Ozonator GL 3188
    Air Ozonator GL 3188 - a device for disinfection of indoor air, handling products and water, eliminate odors in the room, improve the microclimate, as well as for the treatment of the skin to combat acne and pimples. Unique oxidizing properties of ozone cause its effectiveness in the fight against m..
    Air Ozonator GL 3188 - a device ...
  • Ultraviolet air purifier (ionizer) Atmos
    Ultraviolet air cleaner Atmos needs to kvartsevaniya and air purification at home, at work, in hospitals, in the enterprise, is required for storage, industrial, where a person breathes extremely harmful air. This device eliminates viruses and bacteria due to ultra-violet lamp. Ideal cleans the..
    Ultraviolet air cleaner Atmos&nb...
  • Ultraviolet air purifier Aircomfort GH-2172
    It is a compact and convenient device for air purification. Workflow ultraviolet air purifier Aircomfort GH-2172 is based on the passage of air through the unit, where it is exposed to ultraviolet rays, cleaning it up and get rid of harmful microorganisms that are stuck in the air. With a fan locate..
    It is a compact and convenient d...
  • Ultraviolet air purifier ATMOS
    Ultraviolet air purifier ATMOS differs convenient compact form. Ultraviolet lamp without harm to human effectively destroys all viruses and harmful bacteria at home, in the office, in the premises of medical institutions, industries, stock, even in the home pantry. It is extremely important to maint..
    Ultraviolet air purifier ATMOS d...
  • Ultraviolet lamp LONGEVITA UV CURE Eco. Get rid of the bacteria that spread diseases such as influenza, tuberculosis and hepatitis, and even HIV
    UV lamp LONGEVITA UV CURE Eco processing space and eliminates odors with ozone and ultraviolet radiation. This method is completely harmless to humans. But when exposed to bacteria and viruses, ultraviolet lamp LONGEVITA UV CURE Eco completely destroys them, cleans the air, removes odors from the pr..
    UV lamp LONGEVITA UV CURE Eco pr...
  • Ultraviolet lamp LONGEVITA UV CURE mini
    UV lamp LONGEVITA UV CURE mini - germicidal lamp ozonizes an innovation in their work using the latest technology. Relatively recently opened photolytic ozonation technology, which consists of the simultaneous impact on the environment by ultraviolet radiation and ozone. The uniqueness of this metho..
    UV lamp LONGEVITA UV CURE mini -...
  • Universa Ultraviolet air cleaner ATMOS
    Headaches and tiredness are most often caused from the pollution of the air we breathe exhaust emissions, urban dust, and production of factories in daily air pollution. The human body becomes vulnerable to colds, viral diseases due to environmental pollution of the urban environment. The main featu..
    Headaches and tiredness are most...